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Radio New Music win a Tecsun Pl-380 listening to our show
          on WBCQ 's Radio Angela

You can be a show sponsor for only $3 per month - less than a dime a day!

WBCQ / Radio Angela sponsors the transmitter air time in full. A major expense. Thank you WBCQ!

That still leaves approximately $55 per month in out-of-pocket expenses including web domain registration, server hosting and maintenance, email list management, Mix-Cloud backup. etc.

Current show sponsors now total $31 / month ... THANK YOU!

Only need to add ONE additional show sponsor per month to break even
by May of 2023. That's right - just ONE new sponsor a month to break even!

For "one time" sponsor contributions please scroll down to the second contribution box below.

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Goal reset to $24 (was $55) as $31 was raised through October 2022 - now it's been three months since we have had a new show sponsor or one time show contributor (scroll down page for one time contributions) - any help at all is appreciated.  Help keep all original music on the air!

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THANK YOU! RCVD one time $36 PayPal Sponsorship on 11/08/22!
Any funds donated as a one time sponsorship will be used to pay down initial startup costs, ongoing monthly expenses and for future show expansion. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Contributions are securely processed by - trusted by 0ver 50,000 non-profits worldwide.