A New Music Discovery Show Featuring Original Music Only - NO Covers!
Radio New Music on Radio Agela Shortwave 5130 WBCQ

Radio Angela 5130 kHz Shortwave
Radio Angela is a new station/frequency for radio station WBCQ, a well known American shortwave broadcaster (they own AM and FM stations too!) WBCQ takes pride in diverse programming and is a staunch supporter of free speech radio.

NOTE >>> Radio Angela's NEW Frequency is 5130 kHz <<<

Radio Angela Shortwave Service will exclusively broadcast unique music, cultural and entertainment programming. No talking heads or politics.

Their transmitter blasts 50,000 watts on 5130 kilohertz in the 60 meter band from their transmitter site in Monticello, Maine, USA.

If you have a show idea, whether for the Radio Angela channel or one of their other frequencies you can contact them on the WBCQ website here.

Radio New Music on Radio Agela Shortwave 5130

"Radio New Music" returns to the airwaves on international shortwave radio station Radio Angela -
5130 kHz - blasting 50,000 watts of music power!

Fourth Wednesday Each Month

10:00-11:00 PM Eastern US Time
0200-0300 UTC-GMT

Telephone  (352) 682-8667

International callers dial 01-352-682 -8667

Radio Angela's Shortwave Service on WBCQ - Music, cultural and entertainment programming
Radio New Music returns to airwaves on Radio Angela Shortwave 5130 kHz